WOD: 4-23-12

Strength:  Back Squat

1×10 60%
1×8 70%
1×6 75%
1×4 80%

WOD:  8 min AMRAP of:

8 Hang Power Snatches (75/55)
8 Knees to Elbows


The very near future of our Squat cycle reveals that higher/harder percentages are coming shortly.  The cycle has only dabbled in loads as high as 80% to 85% since the 1RM Back Squat was tested back in the end of March.  Working and pushing at these loads with consistency will make for some bionic legs that will certainly last longer on your next run/swim/WOD/name of activity here.  A better look at the bigger picture can reveal how this strength development is going to pay off.  Those who are looking to fit into their jeans better or looking to compete for a spot in, hmmm, a CrossFit competition team, are taking the first steps towards achieving those goals.

As fas as the WOD goes today, not a whole lot of pushing and pulling.  Today the focus lies in the opening and closing of the body.  Think of applying your Clean Pull technique into the HPS and turning your hips towards the ceiling for the K2E.  The loads is light and the rep scheme is small and so if this looks easy, making sure that you go with unbroken sets all 8 minutes should be no problem, right?

Easy peasy,






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